Personal Data Protection Law Candidate Clarification
As a result of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 published in the Official Gazette, APS Tekstil ve Tic.A.Ş and APS Giyim Tic.A.Ş. and APS Mağazacılık ve Giyim Tic.A.Ş. as Data Controller, we are obliged to inform you that your personal information transmitted to us in any way will be recorded, stored, updated in the framework explained below, and may be processed in cases permitted and/or required by the legislation.
These personal data are directly given by you by any means in a physical or virtual environment; contact information such as name and surname, telephone number (home and work), address, e-mail addresses, , fax, gender, date of birth, education level, relationship status / marital status, interests / satisfaction, complaints / qualifications, likes and preferences , education and work experience background / resume information / career goals, job title / profession / places of work, images taken within the scope of the legislation.
In addition, personal data can be collected through methods such as navigation/traffic information on the websites and applications of the Candidate.
Apart from these, your personal data is kept in order to fulfill the legal requirements in other cases necessary or required by the legislation.
Purposes of Processing Personal Data:
The personal data of the Candidate will be processed in order to:
  • Determine the preferences and needs of the Candidate and to correct and update the services to be provided to the Candidate within this scope,
  • To inform the employees about new decisions in relation to the work life,
  • To inform the Candidate about the information, documents and services to be requested,
  • To evaluate the complaints and applications to be made by the Candidate,
  • To produce anonymous, total and statistical information by conducting research on the candidates’ profiles, interests and behaviors based on the information given by the Candidate,
  • To process the Candidate's personal data, preferences, physical and data area transactions, browsing time and details in the channels where the Candidate logs in using the Candidate name and password, together with other data obtained,
  • To conduct analyze and supervision in order to increase the quality of the services offered and to develop new services.
The data obtained from the relevant channels as explained on the below part titled “Purposes of Processing Personal Data” may be also processed in order to identify the Candidate matching with other data that belongs to the Candidate, to use them in the scope of the purposes, to transfer them for storage, to copy or back up, to notify the candidate, to send e-mail, to store the interview and reference investigation notes for offering a job again if there is a suitable position, for this purpose and to inform the further employers on the productivity and performance of the Candidate on demand, to store their resumes, interviews and references investigation notes during the job application evaluation period. The data obtained may be processed for other purposes to be notified to the Candidate at the time of obtaining the information, as required or mandated by the legislation, to ensure the fulfillment of legal obligations and in other ways specified in the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law.
Persons / organizations to whom personal data can be transferred for the above-mentioned purposes -the persons or organizations permitted by the provisions of the legislation- are but not limited to all public institutions and organizations, natural and legal persons operating in the private sector, program partner institutions that we cooperate with, domestic / foreign institutions and organizations, banks and other 3rd parties to carry out our activities in order to realize our founding purposes, including but not limited to these.
Please note that you have rights in accordance with Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law.
Member Statement: In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, I have obtained the above information text regarding the processing of my personal data by your Organization on the date I have stated below; I have read, examined, evaluated and accepted all the matters stated above, knowing and understanding, as a result of my free will, for the purposes and reasons specified in this " CANDIDATE CLARIFICATION AND CONSENT FORM", my personal data, which is defined in the Personal Data Protection Law and I accept, declare and undertake that I consent to for my personal data which is defined in the Personal Data Protection Law and whose content, place and method is specified above to be shared with the above-mentioned persons and to be processed within the scope defined under the Personal Data Protection Law.