The story of Osman Benzeş began with a simple dream. When he started, he didn’t know his dream would grow to such extent – but there was one thing he knew; that if he wanted his dream to come alive, he’d have to be courageous and work diligently.

After spending years working as an apprentice with his father who was a tailor, Mr. Benzeş had learned the business from a very early age on. It was his vision that took the family heritage a step further, turning a modest tailoring shop to an international business.

The venture that began in a tiny facility producing trousers quickly grew to be a major supplier to 60 cities and over 120 brands nationwide. Looking to grow further, Benzeş searched for alternative markets, and soon began producing and exporting overseas to Europe and US.

As the facility and production capabilities grew, so did his vision. Never one to settle for average, the company became one of the largest in Turkey – currently an economic driver in its area providing employment opportunities for over thousands of people.



The work ethic of Mr. Benzeş is the thread of APS’s cultural fabric today. Dreaming of a success not only for himself, but for his country as well, APS has become an international supplier with close and long lasting relationships with worldwide brands. His vision, motivation and diligence are the basic values that still drive APS forward, constantly improving and consistently delivering with precision.


The capital and experience obtained from this industry, together with our employees, reinvested into same industry to create value for our customers and social environment.



We are the strategic supplier of global fashion companies. We give confidence to all stakeholders by adding our more than 50 years of experience and constantly improving the quality of the products. We work to leave a more liveable world for future generations by keeping sustainability at our focus.



As APS, we have the following policies and principles;

· Improving product quality by using developing technologies and keeping up this industry developments,

· Based on sustainable efficiency making continuous improvement

· Prioritizing customer satisfaction,

· Reviewing the company's quality and target programs, take control with corrective actions



As APS, we have the following policies and principles;

· Periodically determining and achieving environmental goals and objectives in order to fulfil the requirements of our environmental awareness, regularly reviewing and ensuring the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

· Complying with all legal and societal obligations related to the environment,

· Reducing waste by conducting recycling efforts,

· Reducing the per-unit energy consumption by making necessary improvements and investments in energy usage,

· Reducing and preventing environmental pollution by using improved appropriate technologies in our product design and manufacturing processes and continuing to implement our environmental policy,

· Guiding our suppliers and subcontractors on environmental impact and working to improve environmental awareness among our employees, their families, and the community.



Our company aims to provide a healthy and safe working environment within a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System based on continuous improvement, in compliance with national and international legal regulations and standards.

· Analysing and minimizing health and safety risks that may arise in the workplace,

· Organizing training activities to create and improve the Health and Safety awareness,

· Complying with all national laws and regulations related to Health and Safety, acting in accordance with international standards,

· Taking risks of Health and Safety under control with a systematic approach, ensuring continuous improvement in Health and Safety issues,

· Evaluating the Health and Safety impacts in new products, facilities, and processes during the project design phase,

· By controlling hazards at the source with the participation of all employees to minimize accidents and illnesses,

· Developing methods to minimize material and moral losses in case of any accident or emergency during work,

· Training employees on Health and Safety and providing the necessary equipment for Health and Safety to achieve success and continuous improvement,

· Taking necessary measures to increase our productivity and to achieve our main goals of zero workplace accidents and zero occupational diseases,

Even though our employees, customers and everyone affected by our activities may be satisfied with our Health and Safety standards, everyone considers it a duty and responsibility to continuously elevate this standard, improve the system, and establish a culture of accident prevention.


As APS, we aim to reduce the energy consumption per unit product and maintain it continuously, without reducing the quality and quantity of production.

Energy efficiency is directly related to the sustainability of economic growth and social development goals. It also plays a key role in reducing total greenhouse gas emissions it is an area that needs to be addressed with great care.


· We will provide the necessary information and resources to achieve our goals,

· We will comply with the current legal requirements and other obligations related to energy use, consumption and efficiency,

· We will prioritize energy efficiency in procurement and design activities,

· We commit to increase our energy performance every year through continuous improvement activities,